Our matching grant goal has been reached!

July 14, 2014
Last month a very generous OFIR member offered a $5,000 matching grant challenge to help us raise funds for the driver license referendum campaign.
If we could raise $5,000 he would match it with his own $5,000. This week we reached our goal. The result is that we raised $10,000 for our November campaign to defeat driver cards to illegal aliens.
Thank you to all who donated to the campaign! And, a big thank you to our generous donor. Stay tuned - we will soon have even more exciting news about our fundraising efforts
Illegal immigration is front page news right now. The rush over our southern boarder by illegal aliens from Central America has proved once and for all that we have no border security. The fact is that the Mexican drug cartels, human smugglers and the Mexican government control our southern border.
Issuing official Oregon State ID - in the form of driver cards to illegal aliens would not only undermine our immigration laws but lure even more illegal aliens to Oregon.
We will need everyone’s help to defeat Senate Bill 833 in November.
Remember to Vote NO in NOvember - NO driver cards for illegal aliens!
We are taking orders for yard and field campaign signs. Let us know if you can help by displaying a campaign sign!