Assemblyman Tim Donnelly - endorser


I oppose granting Drivers licenses (cards) to people in the country illegally because you cannot uphold the rule of law by simultaneously carving out exemptions which undermine it.

Oregon Ballot Measure 88 will do nothing to improve public safety. In California, I stood in strong opposition to AB60, which was a similar measure to offer a "Driver Privilege Card." Let me warn you of our experience there.

It's not just a license for illegal immigrants to drive; it's a license to sue potential employers. AB60 forces business owners and landlords in California to make a Faustian choice: 

By complying with the dictates of AB60, an employer would be forced to accept an ID that is prima facia evidence of violating Federal Law, subjecting employers to fines of up to $50,000 and jail time.

The ID will have a special mark on it to designate that this person is not a citizen, that they do not have a green card, so they are not authorized to work in this country. Companies would be subject to civil lawsuits written into AB60.

The last thing employers need is another reason to leave California.

You may face similar challenges if you pass OR Ballot Measure 88.

Tim Donnelly was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1966, moved to Virginia and grew up in Michigan. As the third oldest among 14 children, Tim learned from an early age the importance of responsibility, the value of hard work, and the gift of family. As a sophomore in High School, he paid his own tuition at a private high school by working several jobs.

Tim left Michigan after attending University of Michigan on scholarship for one year and made his way to California to attend the University of California, Irvine in 1985. Working several jobs to pay his own way, Tim earned his B. A. in English. After college he went to work for his father in the small family business, supplying parts to plastics manufacturers.

After five years, he started his own small business, providing solutions to his customer's manufacturing problems. Having twenty years experience on the front lines of manufacturing, Tim brings a unique understanding of the problems facing one of the most important sectors in our economy.

In 1993, Tim married the love of his life, Rowena, a young widow raising two boys on her own. Together they have 5 sons and one grandson. During the older boys teenage years, Tim coached soccer for a dozen years, sometimes coaching multiple teams. Starting in 2002, Tim began working in prison ministry, taking the lead after his mentor passed away, teaching the men of the Pilot Rock Camp in Bible Study and life skills courses for almost 8 years.

In 2005, Tim answered the call of his country, and joined the fight to secure our borders. As the founder of the largest Minuteman chapter in California, he leveraged the media to bring national attention to the Federal government's failure to enforce the border. Since then, Congress voted against amnesty, to improve the border fence and double the Border Patrol presence. The American public is acutely aware of the drug war, which has claimed between 70,000 and 100,000 lives in 4 years, and the violence that has spilled over the border into California.

In 2010, Tim became a candidate for the California State Assembly. He joined a field of ten candidates. Tim ran a strong grassroots campaign, knocking on thousands of doors throughout his district. Despite being outspent by significant amounts, Tim prevailed on Election Day. Later that year, he was sworn in as a member of the Assembly.

In the Legislature, Tim has earned the reputation of a conservative who holds steadfast to his principles: unleashing free enterprise, defending liberty, restricting government regulation, and upholding the constitution.

In addition, Tim led the fight to repeal AB 131, the California Dream Act, which provides illegal immigrants with college scholarships funded with taxpayer dollars. Tim traveled throughout the state, speaking directly with voters about the issue and received strong grassroots support. Overall, the statewide effort included over 10,000 volunteers and collected 450,000 signatures.

Recognizing that spreading awareness is integral, Tim has successfully highlighted the neglected issue of human trafficking by being the author of legislation to designate every February 1st as Freedom from Slavery Day and each January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

For two years, Tim traveled the state, met tens of thousands of people in person, and galvanized an army of ordinary Americans into dedicated Patriots. In poll after poll after poll, Tim was crushing the GOP competition, right up to the last few days. But in the end, they expended almost $4.5 Million to his $750,000 and in spite of receiving almost 650,000 votes, Tim came in third behind the GOP Establishment candidate. Their pick—an openly pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-amnesty, pro-common core and virulently anti-second amendment-Goldman-Sachs banker, in fact, the guy who ran TARP, bailing out the bankers and billionaires—that's who received the backing of GOP heavyweights like Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Condi Rice, Pete Wilson, and Darrel Issa. As we've seen happening all over the country, every time the GOP establishment flexes it's money, the people lose.

Tim is blessed to live in the scenic San Bernardino Mountains with his wonderful wife, Rowena, five sons, and one grandson.