Maria Espinoza - National Director of The Remembrance Project - endorser

National Director of The Remembrance Project

I strongly support the citizens of Oregon in their legal recall of SB 833, an anti-American law passed by the Oregon legislature, giving illegal aliens legal driver identification cards.

American citizens face enormous challenges in the safeguarding of their children, parents and other loved ones, and it is not only unwise, but extremely dangerous to try to “document” these undocumented invaders. We, at The Remembrance Project, are committed to bringing to light the widespread criminal behavior of those who have entered our country uninvited, and will continue to honor and remember our loved ones whose lives have been “stolen” from them.

Upon reading SB 833, I find so much wrong with this bill, I hardly know where to start. It is obvious that the bipartisan “fix was in”. By their sponsorships, these not-so-clever State Senators and Representatives have proven that, while they may be of and by the people, they are not for the people of Oregon. Have they forgotten their oaths of office?

“I, (name), do solemnly swear, or affirm, that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of Oregon, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of OREGON STATE REPRESENTATIVE (or SENATOR) according to the best of my ability.”

Illegal aliens have devised numerous ways of falsifying identities that are accepted by state agencies, such as ODOT and the DMV. This involves and expands the presence of dangerous cartel operations. Americans are neither allowed nor do they expect being able to provide unverifiable documentation when applying for licenses, jobs, voter registrations, loans or any of the many activities requiring proper identification. Why should illegal aliens be afforded this ill-begotten privilege?

Further, the Mexican government through its Consulates in the US, continue to issue “Matricula Consular” (identification) cards to illegals, without proof of identity, in their efforts to achieve quasi-legal status for Mexican illegal aliens in the United States. This has resulted in possibly millions of blatantly false identifications to be issued by the Mexican Consulate, and enabling weak-willed state and local governments to claim they are properly identifying illegals inside our communities. The OR legislators, by enacting this law, are guilty of aiding and abetting illegal foreign nationals to hide their true identities, many of whom have violent criminal histories. In doing so, these illegal invaders are allowed an eventual path to amnesty, and legitimacy they will never deserve. Why is this very card to be used by ODOT for identification?

Many pro-illegal advocates in the state claim that SB 833 will help identify those illegal aliens living in our midst. If Oregon state government wishes to simply “document” them, then it must abandon this disingenuous approach and simply allow State authorities to track down, photograph, finger print, and identify every undocumented individual in the state. Is this too much to ask, given the fact that all true Oregon citizens are well documented from birth?

American citizens face enormous challenges in the safeguarding of their children, parents and other loved ones, and it is not only unwise, but extremely dangerous to try to “document” these undocumented invaders. We are committed to bringing to light the widespread criminal behavior of those who have entered our country uninvited, and will continue to honor, remember our loved ones whose lives have been “stolen” from them.

Maria, was born in Texas and resides in Houston. She is the daughter of an immigrant father, who immigrated to the US from Mexico in the 1950’s. Her father became a citizen and took the oath to America.  Her mother, a 3rd generation Texan, instilled in Maria and her 6 brothers and sisters the American traditions of God, family, and country. Through her parents’ example, Maria learned early on about hard work and dedication. In high school, while developing her skills in track, she waited tables at one or more of her parents three Mexican style restaurants. Her dedication to track paid off. After graduating from high school, Maria enrolled in Abilene Christian University, where she participated in both cross-country and track. She received awards for the Outstanding Distance Runner, Team’s MVP, and All-American Miler.

Today, Maria is a successful businesswoman, and heads up a national initiative, which she founded with her husband, Tim Lyng, a Texas registered professional engineer by trade. The Remembrance Project, a 501(c )3 not-for-profit organization, is dedicated to honoring and remembering Americans who have been killed by illegal aliens. Her work has led her to the development of “The Stolen Lives Quilt”, a collection of 3-ft x 6-ft banners showing the faces and names of our country’s victims of illegal alien killings.

Maria, along with her husband, toured 25 states in 2012, taking the image and the message of The Quilt to 20 state capitols, where they spoke to various governors, aids, Congressmen and grassroots organizations. Both before and after the 2012 tour, Maria has spoken to numerous organizations concerning the plight of the American families affected by these crimes, has testified before the Texas State Affairs Committee, participated in national press conferences highlighting illegal alien crimes and has taken watch on the border in both Texas and Arizona. As part of her outreach to American families, Maria has attended numerous murder trials with family members of the victims, and has taken family members to Washington and to other cities where they have spoken of the horrific tragedies that are permanently separating American families from their loved ones.

Today, The Remembrance Project and The Quilt are active in 18 states. Its State Directors have supported the Tea Party Immigration Coalition's "National Remembrance Day for Those Killed by Illegal Aliens," which is held on the first Sunday of every November. With the support of Maria and others, Congressman Steven King (R- Iowa) has submitted a supporting resolution in the US House to make this day an officially recognized national day of remembrance.

In addition to her responsibilities at The Remembrance Project, Maria is immediate past president of the Houston Eagle Forum (2012 - 2014) where she spoke at its 2012 national convention about her efforts on immigration. She is also currently the Legislative V-P for the Houston Chapter, Daughters of Liberty Republican Women’s Club where she keeps the membership informed about state and national legislation that affects Texas citizens.

Maria has been a guest on over a dozen radio and internet broadcasts, including the Laura Ingraham Show, Andrea Tantaros, The Sam Malone Show, the Ruthie Report, WBAL (Houston), WINA (Charlotteville, VA), Lars Larson Radio Show, and many more. She has been often featured in blogs across the country where immigration is the topic, including Breitbart and Big Jolly Politics, where she is widely quoted for her unwaivering position that it is the American family that deserves protection from the tidal wave of illegal alien crime.