Salem Police Officer Dave Driscoll - endorser

Salem Police Officer - retired
Sublimity, Oregon

Fair, and equal treatment under the law. This is just a way for a select group of people to avoid Oregon law. It will not increase traffic safety or lower the number of uninsured drivers in this state. If allowed to stand Oregon could become a safe haven for criminals and terrorists.

We only need one driver’s license and one verifiable standard to properly identify drivers in this state. This bill is an invitation to fraud.

Senate Bill 833 at first appears to be a law to assist non U.S. drivers obtain a valid Oregon drivers license or card. But what it will do is open the flood gates of a new cottage industry of forged documents that will be accepted by the Department of Motor Vehicle without verification of authenticity. Oregon currently has a very good, workable, drivers license application process. But even the current process has been abused by identity thieves. Why would we want to invite more problems into the system? We do not need more layers to the process or various types of license status.

Anyone wanting a valid Oregon driver’s license can obtain a license by following current law.

The majority of Oregon citizens want to continue to be protected by Oregon law and don't want it changed to allow people who intentionally violate laws to be accommodated for illegal activity. Laws are written to protect the people of the state. This bill conflicts with that basic principle. We do not have open uncontrolled borders between states or counties. Why would we open this door to lawless activity between countries?

As an example Oregonians and others currently get stopped at the California border. The goal is to protect Californians from possibly damaging fresh fruit with contaminated fruit crossing into that state. We respect that rule to protect property, jobs, the California economy and a host of other reasons. We comply with a California law. I would expect the same respect from others to Oregon law.

Advocates often use an emotional argument to justify an illegal activity. But an emotional argument could be put forward to justify any type of unlawful activity. I believe this bill would have serious consequences to law abiding citizens and needs to be stopped.


Dave Driscoll volunteered as a Marion Co. Sheriff’s Deputy Reserve for two years prior to working for the City of Salem Police Department for thirty one years. He is an award winning Senior Officer in the field of traffic safety. 

Dave has worked in Patrol, School Liaison, and the Traffic Control Unit. He also served on the Salem SWAT team and Hostage Negotiations team. Selected for the Youth Traffic Safety Advisory Board for the State of Oregon, Dave was also the lead Senior Officer in the Child Passenger Safety and Municipal Court Driver Improvement Courses. 

Dave has trained Salem Police officers as well as instructed in multi-agency seminars. Retiring in November 2011, Dave continues to be a traffic safety advocate.