Trevor Loudon - endorser

Author / Activist
New Zealand

Granting "rights" to Illegal "immigrants" legitimizes and rewards criminal behavior. It destroys respect for the rule of law and insults millions of new Americans who came to this country legally, often at great personal cost .

American border integrity, national security and rule of law, should not be sacrificed, so that the Democratic party can build an almost unbeatable mass base of several million new voters, and the US Chamber of Commerce can flood this country with cheap labor to undermine the wages and conditions of American workers

Trevor Loudon, is an author/activist from New Zealand. He is known as the first writer to expose the the connection between the young Barack Obama, and his mentor, Hawaiian Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis.

He also exposed the communist background of Obama :Green Jobs Czar" Van Jones, who Glenn Beck forced to leave the White House. For several Loudon years has been touring the US, warning Americans of the extensive Marxist infiltration of their state and federal governments.