Tyler Smith - endorser

Attorney at Law
Canby, Oregon

I oppose SB 833 because it makes a big federal problem worse and will only delay a long term solution. We welcome immigrants from everywhere and should create more opportunities for lawful work visas, not bury our heads in the sand and pretend that violating the law is ok simply because our federal government hasn’t done its job.

I welcome immigration and come from a family of immigrants. I have personal and professional experience with the value and need to have special types of work visas. They are critical to certain industries. We should develop a legal way to obtain the workers of all skill levels that we need.

However it is intellectually dishonest to paper over a known violation of the law simply to hope that the individuals will follow the other laws such as obtaining insurance, obtaining work within the law, simply because they get a driver’s privilege card.

Giving away a government sponsored privilege is a benefit and should be a benefit for those who immigrate or obtain the appropriate citizenship, green card, other visa, or temporary work visas the correct way.

We should incentivize lawful behavior and retain the preciously scarce taxpayer and government resources for those who have followed the process.

Certainly there is work to be done at the federal level since they legislate immigration policy, but hiding the problem behind quasi licenses and permits under another name hurts the chances of a long term federal solution.

Tyler Smith is the owner and Managing Attorney at the law firm of Tyler Smith & Associates P.C., Rural Business Attorneys. His law firm regularly fights high profile politically charged battles. They are frequently asked to protect citizen rights against the government, draft ballot measures, defend the initiative petition process, save ballot measures, handle every day litigation and business transaction legal work and more. The law firm serves a base of farmers, ranchers, store owners, service providers and other business owners.

Tyler’s previous career prior to becoming an attorney was in technology recruiting, where he became intimately involved in work visas and the high demand for particular skills and labor.

Tyler has been a City Counselor, and Chairman of Planning Commissions. Tyler is one of the founders of a Chamber of Commerce, and supports many Christian charities and serves on many other boards. 

A 1999 graduate of the University of Oregon and earning his Doctorate from Willamette University College of Law, Tyler was a former Army Combat Engineer and attended the Oregon Military Academy.

Tyler is a proud veteran and works behind the scenes on many political campaigns and activist efforts.

Married with 2 children, Tyler enjoys basketball, hunting and fishing during his down time.