Ballot Measure 88 and the Oregon 2014 General Election

Senate Bill 833 instructed the Department of Motor Vehicles to issue driver cards to those who cannot prove legal presence in the United States beginning January 2014. SB 833 was passed in the 2013 Oregon legislature and signed into law on May 1, 2013.
Oregonians were outraged by the actions of the Governor and the Oregon Legislature in passing SB 833 and as a result, Protect Oregon Drivers Licenses was formed. PODL was a supporting issue committee registered with the State of Oregon.
Protect Oregon Driver Licenses filed a citizens veto referendum (#301) for the opportunity to place SB 833 on the 2014 General Election ballot so that voters could decide if they wanted this law to be implemented. Oregon is the only state in the country that had the opportunity to vote on giving driver cards to those who cannot prove legal presence in the United States. All others states have had the law forced upon them with little or no recourse available to them.
You can view the full SB 833 bill as it was signed into law. The veto referendum was been approved for the November 2014 General Election and was assigned as Ballot Measure 88.
Protect Oregon Driver Licenses urged Oregonians to Vote NO on Ballot Measure 88. We sent a strong message to our Governor and our Legislature that citizens expect our lawmakers to uphold our laws, not work at finding ways to circumvent them. A 66 % NO vote on Ballot Measure 88 overturned the new law and sent it into the archives of bad legislation. (See the final vote results by Oregon County.)
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The groups that supported this kind of destructive legislation, also support open borders and an endless stream of illegal alien workers and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to defeat us, but we worked harder and smarter and the will of the people prevailed