Car insurance is not a requirement to obtain a driver card

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Here is some clarification on the laws regarding automobile liability insurance requirements and driving privileges in Oregon:

Oregon law requires automobile liability insurance on vehicles that are operated on any highway or premises open to the public, and to carry proof of insurance in those vehicles. You can find details at the Oregon DMV website here - - and the Oregon Revised Statutes here -

Liability insurance is not a requirement for driving privileges including an instruction permit, driver license, limited-term driver license or the proposed Driver Card that is under Senate Bill 833 / Ballot Measure 88 in the Nov. 4, 2014, election. The laws regarding auto insurance apply the same to any type of driving privilege. Senate Bill 833 / Ballot Measure 88 does not contain any exceptions to Oregon’s auto liability insurance laws.

Law enforcement in Oregon usually asks to see proof of insurance in a traffic stop. Police also can verify insurance coverage electronically.

DMV requires proof of insurance when you take a drive test and when you purchase a trip permit for a vehicle that does not have current license plates and/or registration stickers.