Changing initiative language purposefully muddles debate

East Oregonian

Desperate to assure that the driver card bill for illegal aliens (Senate Bill 833) will go into effect this year, several Oregon legislators are trying to change the title of the opposing citizen referral No. 301.

By erasing any reference to legal presence and replacing it with a slogan about road safety, these legislators hope to confuse voters about the referrals intent.

Everyone wants road safety, but nothing in SB 833 provides any, which spurred concerned citizens to march this bill to the voter....  

....the DMV admitted it didn't notice any change in insurance non-compliance. ...

Call me unconvinced. SB 833 also protects foreign drug dealers from the automatic car searches that getting caught driving without a license would have triggered. Does Senate Bill 833 make you feel safer now?

....It's like letting a politician write his opponents campaign slogans, but to lawmakers who protect law breakers, changing the rules after the fact to undermine a citizen referral is just part of the game.