Deny driver's card to stop spread of disease

Daily Courier

The recent Ebola scare has talk radio hosts yammering, speculating the president's open borders policy will allow the virus to spread.

And though Ebola probably will not spread that way, a number of other diseases will, and indeed have.

The mysterious Enterovirus (EV-D68), has earned the moniker of "the open borders virus." With its polio like symptoms EV-D68 has left a number of children paralyzed or dead. The Centers for Disease Control recently announced an outbreak in Denver, a city many consider to be a de facto sanctuary city for illegal aliens.

In another report, the CDC warned that the United States is experiencing a resurgence in measles, concluding that 97 percent of these cases came to the U.S. from 18 different countries. In addition to EV-D68 and measles, there's been an uptick in cases of mumps, tuberculosis, head lice and you name it.

All this is particularly bad news in Oregon, where Gov. John Kitzhaber and Democrats in the Oregon Legislature are trying to make it easier for illegal aliens to spread diseases by issuing them driver's cards. But the average voter can deny those driver's cards — and help contain the spread of infectious diseases and strike a blow for a healthier Oregon — by voting no on Measure 88 in the upcoming election.