Driver cards plan has problems

The Register Guard

Those who support Measure 88 claim issuing driver cards to illegal immigrants will make us safer. Really?

Then please explain why Oregon sheriffs, whose primary job is to protect us, oppose the measure.

The claim that Measure 88 is good for business has a ring of truth to it, especially for those whose businesses employ illegal immigrants and take advantage of them by providing substandard wages.

Driver cards give an appearance of credibility and trustworthiness by providing a de facto government document.

The requirement that applicants must prove residence in Oregon for at least a year means only that they’ve managed to avoid the national immigration service for a year.

Applicants must also provide proof of identity and date of birth.

Any valid birth document would include place of birth, but if the document indicates a place of birth other than the United States, the person processing the driver card would be violating federal law that makes it illegal to aid or abet illegal immigrants.

Aside from our Native Americans, we’re all immigrants or the sons and daughters of immigrants who arrived legally and were welcomed in our great country.

However, even Lady Liberty, who welcomed our huddled masses, put some restrictions on entry. For the protection of her citizens, she denied entry to criminals and those with certain infectious diseases.

God bless those past immigrants, as well as those who continue to arrive from all over the world and become American citizens.