Oregon shouldn't issue licenses to terrorists

Daily Courier

Recent reports of ISIS terrorists coming across the southern border should not be a surprise to anyone.

After all, thousands of people illegally cross the border every day and President Obama seems pleased to see them coming. But when ISIS jihadists first enter the country from Mexico, they'll quickly discover there are only a handful of states that will grant them legal driving privileges.

If Gov. John Kitzhaber and the Democrats in the Oregon Legislature had their way, Oregon would have been one of those states, but an organization called Oregonians For Immigration Reform has stopped them cold. OFIR gathered signatures and put a referendum on the November ballot that will stop the implementation of a law enacted in 2013 to extend driving privileges to illegal aliens in Oregon.

Gov. Kitzhaber and the Democrats must be fuming and gnashing their teeth at the thought of not being able to issue driving cards to ISIS terrorists, but their efforts will be thwarted if Oregon voters stand up and vote no on Measure 88 in November. It's a simple thing the average citizen can do to make Oregon a safer place to live.