Reject driver card Measure 88

The Register Guard

Passing Measure 88 won’t make our roads safer. What about illegal immigrants who fail or decide not to bother taking the written and road tests to qualify for driver cards?

What can we expect from drivers who consider auto insurance too expensive? And how many illegal drivers will resist outing themselves at Driver and Motor Vehicle Services offices?

Will those dangerous drivers decide to stay home and make our roads safer? Of course not. If they were concerned about the law, they wouldn’t be on the road to begin with.

No one should seriously believe that driver cards — official documents issued by the state — will be used only for driving. It’s clearly a nose under the tent for the state’s liberals/progressives to override the will of the citizens who have so far refused any official recognition of illegal immigrants.

Even more outrageous is the blindness of the political class — they’re obviously being used by the state’s commercial interests to strengthen and further facilitate the use of illegal labor.

Our current immigration laws should be reformed, but until then they should be enforced, and Measure 88 should go down — hard.