State can be pivot to roll back bad legislation

Statesman Journal

Legislators know and polling proves that citizens do not support the idea of legitimizing the presence of people here illegally.

None of the 10 states that offer driver cards or licenses to illegal immigrants has ever given voters a choice on the matter.

Oregon is the only state with the opportunity to vote on whether to grant state-issued ID (in the form of driver cards) to people illegally in our country.

We're fortunate to have the opportunity to vote no on Measure 88 for many reasons.

• Contrary to our opponents' claims, car insurance is not required to get a driver card. Car insurance goes with the car – not the driver card.

• Contrary to our opponents' claims, driver card applicants are not likely to purchase car insurance. Illegal immigrants can purchase car insurance now and most often choose not to. A state-issued ID will not change that.

• Most concerning of all (and in direct refutation of claims by our opponents) the TSA has confirmed that an Oregon driver card could be used to board a commercial airliner.

Protect Oregon Driver Licenses and the Sheriffs of Oregon PAC urge a no vote on Ballot Measure 88.