Vote no on 88

Mail Tribune

The most laughable argument in favor of Measure 88 — the proposition to extend driving privileges to illegal aliens — has to be the contention that giving illegal aliens driver's cards will compel them to buy insurance. Who in their right mind thinks people who illegally enter the country and happily use fake identification to gain employment and leech into government programs will voluntarily buy insurance?

It didn't work in New Mexico or Tennessee. The experience of licenses to illegals in Tennessee was so horrendous they quit doing it, and Gov. Susana Martinez in New Mexico has been frantically trying to end the insanity of licensing illegals there. A recent poll by the "Albuquerque Journal" found 75 percent of those polled opposed issuing licenses to illegals. One of the major reasons was the aliens who were supposed to buy insurance did not.

Surprise, surprise — vote no on Measure 88.