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Vote no on ‘driver card’ measure
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I agree with Donald Moberg of North Bend. My wife went through the same thing as he did when we arrived in Oregon. A copy of her birth certificate was rejected and she ended up requesting another from San Diego with the raised seal.

Don mentioned, “Should need more proof than a green card.” Most of us would agree on that very thing. If one has a “Green Card” they are in the U.S. legally and should be able to drive. Where it gets confusing is the word immigrant. Are they here legally or not. Don, truth be told, Measure 88 was written up for the illegals in our country. The legal...

The Oregon Illegal Immigration Battle That Affects Every American Nov 4!
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The issue of driver licenses for illegal aliens earns the opposition of 77% of American adults according to Rasmussen Reports polling conducted in 2007, and while ALIPAC helped stop licenses for illegals in all but three states, the new strategy of some Republicans voting with most Democrats to help illegals now has 10 states engaging in this deplorable practice!

Now licenses for illegal aliens is on the ballot in Oregon on November 4 where two thirds oppose licenses and oppose Measure 88 that would grant illegals licenses!

And recently, licenses for illegal...

Measure 88: A road divided
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DEVER-CONNER — Norteno music blared on a radio as Hispanic workers packaged butternut squash headed for markets in Portland and Seattle.

Farm owner Bill Case watched over the activity in his warehouse and talked about the upcoming election. (

(NOTE: It is against Federal law to hire people in the country illegally - there is an adequate supply of AG Visa's available if a farmer needs labor)

Measure 88, on the Nov. 4 ballot, would grant driving privileges to Oregonians without requiring proof of their legal presence in the United States.

Proponents of...

Vote no on drivers card measure
The World

No on Measure 88. I am 91 years old, born in the USA, and served in the U.S. Navy over five years, with honorable discharge.

I had copies of my birthday certificate and discharge papers as I went to renew my drivers license. Motor vehicles would not accept these and was required to mail to Iowa to get original birth certificate.

You would think my holding a drivers license for 70 years would be enough for renewal.

If I was required to do this as a true American that fought this whole World War II in the South Pacific, others, no matter where they are from, should need...

No on Measure 88 (Driver's cards)

No on Measure 88: Measure 88 aims to give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants...

It is interesting that the people supporting this bill — wine makers, fruit growers, etc. — are people who employ low-wage, low-skill employees. Could these employees possibly be illegal immigrants?...

The real reason for this bill should be obvious.

Continued: No on Measure 88 (Driver's cards)
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No on Measure 88: Why don't those who favor such nonsense as Measure 88 come out and say what they really believe: that the rule of law means everyone born into this world has an equal right, not of opportunity... we're all the same and no law should distinguish the masses. Only one law exists in their utopian fantasy: mandated tolerance — which is really no law at all.

Measure 88 has nothing to do with race....At its core, this issue is a reminder that civilized nations of diverse citizenry live better under a just and ordered law. Those who break it, no matter how long they've...

Patti Receives Formal Endorsement from Airline Pilot for Her Strong Stand to Protect Public Safety

I formally endorse Patti Milne in her campaign for election to the Oregon State Senate, District 11.

As a professional airline pilot I thank you for your radio ads criticizing Peter Courtney and Governor John Kitzhaber for endorsing and creating ballot measure 88. They are spot on.

This measure as you have said is an irresponsible feckless political pandering to illegal aliens nationwide that jeopardizes a critical level of aviation security to all Oregonians and everyone using our national air transportation system. This measure should be rejected. Thank you for...

Oregon Voters Oppose Driver's Licenses for Illegals
Center for Immigration Studies
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According to a recent survey, voters in Oregon appear poised to roll back legislation that would have given the state's illegal immigrants the opportunity to obtain "driver cards" (a form driver's license permitted by federal law but not acceptable for federal purposes, such as boarding an airplane). Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber (D), signed the bill into law in May 2013, but a group called Oregonians for Immigration Reform of McMinnville (a town in the heart of the Willamette Valley wine country) gathered more than 70,000 signatures in just a few months to freeze the law pending a...

Driver’s card puts cart before horse
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Oregon's Measure 88 ballot initiative would grant legal driving privileges to people who can't prove legal residence in the United States.

Oregon Measure 88 on the November ballot would grant a driving card to people meeting certain standards but who are unable to prove legal residency in the United States.

We can appreciate the arguments supporters make for the measure, and don’t find them to be completely without merit. However, we can’t get past a strong feeling that it would be a mistake.

Not all that long ago, legal residents and illegal immigrants were able to...

Two Views: Measure 88 would drive nation to chaos
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There is clear evidence that states giving driver’s licenses to unauthorized immigrants attract more unauthorized immigrants. This is an important reason to vote “no” on state Ballot Measure 88.

This measure on the ballot next month gives voters the right to decide whether Oregon Senate Bill 833, passed by the state Legislature in April 2013, granting official driving privileges and identification to unauthorized immigrants, should go into effect. A majority “no” votes will overturn SB 833.

Here is some data from the Federation for American Immigration Reform’s Legislation...