Endorsers of Protect Oregon Driver Licenses

Endorsers of Protect Oregon Driver Licenses are listed below. You can click on an endorser's name or photo to read their complete statement.

Political Action Committee

The Sheriffs of Oregon support the citizens veto referendum #301 to overturn SB 833. We urge a NO vote.

Clatsop County Sheriff

It is wrong to provide special drivers licenses to people who cannot prove legal presence in the United States. For Oregon to do so, will only enhance the ability for criminal behavior, thus creating a larger risk to our citizens public safety.  The Sheriffs of Oregon urge you to oppose this measure.

Sheriff - retired

Giving a person a driver’s license who is in this country illegally is flat out irresponsible and does nothing to protect the citizens of this state.

Salem Police Officer - retired

Fair, and equal treatment under the law. This is just a way for a select group of people to avoid Oregon law. It will not increase traffic safety or lower the number of uninsured drivers in this state. If allowed to stand Oregon could become a safe haven for criminals and terrorists.

We only need one driver’s license and one verifiable standard to properly identify drivers in this state. This bill is an invitation to fraud.

Sgt. with the Marion County Sheriff's office - retired

I am against Oregon Senate Bill 833, for two main reasons: the safety and tranquility of all (Oregon residents) and to protect our national security.

Vice President Western Region National Border Patrol Council

You must oppose SB 833 in its entirety as this is a gateway to illegal citizenship and the benefits that one can receive from US citizenship.

Senior Special Agent, INS - retired

Providing such documentation (driver privilege cards to illegal aliens) is wrong for a number of reasons beginning with national security and public safety. America's immigration laws were enacted to achieve two primary goals, protect innocent lives and the jobs of American workers.

Public Information Officer - Hudspeth County Sheriff's Office

Giving legal status to drive a vehicle is virtually giving criminals the right to do almost anything they want.  By receiving a valid drivers license it opens the door for the people that receive it to conduct business, open accounts, lease properties and in some cases even vote.

Oregon Senator

I took an oath to uphold the Constitution and our laws and SB 833 strengthens neither. I voted against SB 833 because it fails to solve the problems that exist and it makes Oregonians less safe.

Oregon State Representative

When this issue of allowing drivers cards for people with undocumented citizenship status came before the Legislature last year, I was among those to vote against it. I felt then, and I feel now, that it is not in the best interests of Oregon or its citizens to have these policies in place.

As the son of an immigrant, I feel that we do a huge disservice to those who lawfully obtain citizenship through the proper channels whenever we reward people for breaking the law. The state of Oregon should have no business rewarding illegal behavior. For of all these reasons, I encourage a “NO” vote on this veto referendum to Protect Oregon Driver Licenses.

Oregon Senator

This law is not in the best interest of public safety or our state.

Attorney at Law

I oppose SB 833 because it makes a big federal problem worse and will only delay a long term solution. We welcome immigrants from everywhere and should create more opportunities for lawful work visas, not bury our heads in the sand and pretend that violating the law is ok simply because our federal government hasn’t done its job.

Oregon State Representative

I’m concerned the new driver’s cards will not positively impact the number of insured drivers on the road, will roll back public safety, will encourage more people to live here illegally, and will give state-endorsed documentation to the undocumented


I oppose granting Drivers licenses (cards) to people in the country illegally because you cannot uphold the rule of law by simultaneously carving out exemptions which undermine it.

National Director of The Remembrance Project

I strongly support the citizens of Oregon in their legal recall of SB 833, an anti-American law passed by the Oregon legislature, giving illegal aliens legal driver identification cards.

Consultant - EVG Consulting Co.

As an immigrant, my parents chose the USA for a better life not just for themselves but for me. One of the first things they realized was to show gratitude to this new country and its people, we needed to learn English to assimilate and become a woven part of the American fabric. We haven't looked back.

President - Dustin Inman Society

"It is never a bad idea to let the people vote, especially on issues of such importance as aiding and abetting illegal immigration.

The agenda of greedy business interests and the few former lawmen who have now become apologists for criminal activity on illegal immigration is as easy to read as the incrementalism of the illegal alien lobby.

Voters should be asking, "What next?", after driver's privileges. I urge Oregon voters to use the Mexican government as an example of how to deter illegal immigration.

Author / Activist

Granting "rights" to Illegal "immigrants" legitimizes and rewards criminal behavior. It destroys respect for the rule of law and insults millions of new Americans who came to this country legally, often at great personal cost .

Father - Entertainment Executive

FACT: Since the last amnesty in 1986 illegal alien drivers have killed over 60,000 people.
MYTH: Drivers licenses make people (anyone, not just illegal aliens) better drivers.
NOTE: My son, Drew (pictured) was killed by an unlicensed, illegal alien driver who tried to flee the scene.


The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, www.NAFBPO.org, is strongly opposed to providing illegal aliens with drivers licenses.